Month: May 2020

Where to Buy Mad Honey in Kathmandu, Nepal

Before directly jumping to where you can get or buy Himalayan Cliff Mad Honey, I will like to make you clear about what actually is Mad Honey and what are it’s benefits. So let’s begin. SPOILER ALERT We deliver best Mad Honey to you! So, don’t buzzed where to find Mad Honey in Nepal. What […]

What is Mad Honey? | Mad Honey in Nepal | Mad Honey Speciality

“Bees are the batteries of our life; we have to guard them.”Every human and non-human species are an integral part of the ecosystem. The existence of everyspecies matters and the absence of it affects the whole ecosystem. Similarly, the bee is one of theindispensable parts of the ecosystem whose food source necessarily required for survival. […]

Expedition of Mad Honey Hunting in Nepal

Mad honey is derived from the slope of gorgeous mountains of Himalayas by our honey hunterswho belong to Gurung tribes. In the villages of Lamjung, resides a number of societies havebeen practicing honey hunting since time immemorial. They perform this life-threatening workby climbing on dangling braided bamboo ropes to reach 300 meters above the ground […]

Things You Should Know Before Having Mad Honey

1. Don’t consume more than prescribed dose.       The rhodium versium of honey contains the highest amount of Grayanotoxin and it can lead to hallucinations, nausea,vomiting and in the worst case unconsciousness if you have it in excess. So have 1-2 tablespoon within 24 hours  2. No mixing.    We don’t recommend you have honey before or […]

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