The Honey from the FootHills of Himalayas

Mad honey is Himalayan honey valued for its traditional healing properties. It is harvested from a cliff amidst red rhododendron forest. Hilly and mountain region of Nepal harbours medicinal plants like Acacia catechu, Bacopa monnieri, Bombax ceiba, Drymaria diandra, Rauvolfia serpentina,Tribulus etc. giant Himalayan honey bee collects nectar from the flowering medicinal plants and stores […]

Mad Honey History: Consumption, Poisoning Effects, Treatments

Mad honey Intoxication and remedy  Mad honey is red, pale, and semi-liquid honey, which smells like mud and flower combination derived from wild honey bee popularly referred to as Apis Dorsata Laborasia.  These are the biggest honey bee breeds in the world. As the source of this honey is the pollen of Rhododendron, coloration varies […]

Where to Buy Mad Honey in Kathmandu, Nepal

Before directly jumping to where you can get or buy Himalayan Cliff Mad Honey, I will like to make you clear about what actually is Mad Honey and what are it’s benefits. So let’s begin. SPOILER ALERT We deliver best Mad Honey to you! So, don’t buzzed where to find Mad Honey in Nepal. What […]

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