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Designed for connoisseurs of life’s pleasures, our Mad Honey is for seekers of euphoria and novel experiences, individuals who value the enriching and transformative power of rare luxuries, who appreciate exploring unique sensory realms.

Answer the call of adventure with our Mad Honey, as it fulfills the desire for a psychedelic journey, evoking a buzz that’s both captivating and unforgettable.

Rare Harvest Mad Honey

The rarest form of Mad honey available in the world is harvested directly from the Himalayan cliffs. This most premium and exotic version of Mad honey is extremely rich in Grayanotoxin, with ample additional medicinal properties. This exceptional version of Mad Honey is meticulously harvested at altitudes exceeding 3500 meters from sea level i.e 11500 ft, resulting in an exquisite rarity that embodies both luxury and healthy recreation.

We carve your name on the handmade wooden box and exclusively send you this rare harvest. This limited honey is rare, and only up to 400 jars per year are available for sale.

Strong and Potent Mad Honey

Our Strong and Potent Mad Honey is renowned for its potent effects. Sourced during the vibrant spring season, this honey is a popular choice for those seeking recreational thrills.

Derived from the nectar of Rhododendron flowers, it boasts elevated levels of Grayanotoxin, known for its hallucinogenic properties. This remarkable honey is a true rarity, available in limited quantities due to its unique qualities.

Medicinal Mad Honey

Medicinal Mad Honey is gathered from various peaks in the Nepalese mountains, starting 6200 feet above sea level. With mild grayanotoxin levels, it’s perfect for regular use, providing a blend of wellness and enjoyment. More than just a delicious treat, this honey offers various health benefits, showcasing its versatility and natural goodness.

What our customers say

Great experience

I bought the honey a month ago, I had a problem with the landing of the pack and the bestmadhoney was amazing and re-send me the pack

~ Simon


The honey taste is good! I loved the experience, probably will take it again! It gave me a buzz that I expected. Customer Service is also great, any questions you have, ask them!

~ Guilherme Santucci

Best in the Market

Best Mad Honey is best out their in market. Unlike other honey which is very sweet it has got beautiful tangy flavour with little bit of sweetness and it makes it best.

~ Samantha Gilbert