Mad Honey is collected by world largest bee Apis laboriosa and harvested from a cliff amidst rhododendron forest. They are natural pollinators of flower rhododendron which consists of a special compound called “Grayanotoxin” present in pollen of the flowers.

This compound is also present in honey giving us natural hallucinogenic and recreational effects. Mad Honey is also best known for its several medicinal benefits.


Rare Harvest Mad Honey

Strong and Potent Mad Honey

Medicinal Mad Honey

What our customers say

I bought the honey a month ago, I had a problem with the landing of the pack and the bestmadhoney was amazing and re-send me the pack
Simone Italy
The honey taste is good! I loved the experience, probably will take it again! It gave me a buzz that I expected. Customer Service is also great, any questions you have, ask them!
Guilherme Santucci
Best Mad Honey is best out their in market. Unlike other honey which is very sweet it has got beautiful tangy flavour with little bit of sweetness and it makes it best.
Samantha Gilbert