Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the mad honey Nepal. We have tried to answer your queries.

Every harvest season honey hunters risk their lives in the mountainous cliffs to get the mad honey. This difficulty in access demands tremendous hard work and makes it one of the rarest honey in the world. The aftermath of transporting to the store, packaging, and dispatching adds to the exotic and pure honey that you receive right at your doorstep. Also, they say the best things in life are really expensive, and ‘Best Mad Honey’ isn’t just a random name. It is definitely one of the best!

Yes and No. The amount of grayanotoxin determines the level of ‘madness’ mad honey can provide. Not all mad honeys make you mad. We have graded Best Mad Honey based on the amount of grayanotoxin present in the honey. The strongest we have is the rare harvest followed by rhodium and platinum versions. 

Well, of course and definitely. We only filter the honey and package it into jars without involving any pasteurization process or god forbid any preservatives. We closely supervise the process to make sure we deliver 100% raw, organic and pure mad honey to your table.

Honey hunting is a tradition dating centuries back and we involve experienced honey hunters for the task. Our hunters are well-informed about the adaptation of bees, the right season and time to harvest and know the techniques of retrieving honey without hurting the bees. For instance, we smoke the bees out from their hives from a distance and harvest honey by making sure not even a single bee is hurt. A healthy colony of bees collects more honey than they will be able to consume. By harvesting at the right time, right amount and with the right technique we make sure that honey bees have enough time to build their honey stores back up.

On an average, it takes at least 4-10 working days. It totally depends upon the destination of the recipient. For instance, it takes 3 days to reach UAE while 7-8 days to reach the USA. However, at present due to Covid-19 it is taking a little longer than usual. 

Besides Russia, North Korea and South Korea we ship our product all around the globe.

Mad honey will have side effects if you overdose on the provided prescription. It also totally depends upon how your body responds to the honey. Exceeding one tablespoon might start bringing in some side effects.

Yes, mad honey is the rarest form of honey available and not abundant to sell. However, during the honey hunting season we do a tremendous amount of hard work, collaborate with the hunters, send our team to different parts of the country to obtain the honey and finally bring it to our warehouse. And, it is 200% legitimate. The amount of hard work on the ground helps us serve it to people worldwide.

One might experience diarrhoea, vomiting and nausea if mad honey is not consumed moderately as per the specifications in the jar.

Please refer to the link in the homepage to know the amazing medical benefits of mad honey.

Archaeologists have found out that 3000-year-old pure honey in the Egyptian pyramid is still edible, which means that the pure mad honey has no expiry date. However, due to the high moisture content of 24% compared to the 18% moisture content found in normal honey, mad honey might be slightly fermented. We recommend you stir it before consuming. Book mad honey hunting HERE 

Yes, we sell the honey in bulk along with retailing. If you want to be a local distributor at your place, reach out to us.

The only major difference between Rhodium and Platinum versions of mad honey is the grayanotoxin level which is slightly higher in Rhodium compared to the Platinum versions.

Mad honey can be used in making exotic beauty products except for consumption.

No, we have no stores outside Nepal. However, in the near future, we are planning to open our store in the USA and also operate from there.

We have a bank account, Stripe, and Paypal as our payment options.

Yes, how exciting that we also host honey hunting expeditions. You can sign up by clicking on the Expedition tab above.

Only 1 tablespoon of mad honey at a time.

Pregnant women, people with blood pressure issues both high and low and children below the age of 18 are not allowed to take mad honey.

No, there won’t be any problems for retail clients.

Yes, mad honey is 100% legal all over the world.

If you want to know something more. Feel free to ask us. We would love to answer that.