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Mad Honey is collected by world largest bee Apis dorsata laboriosa and harvested from a cliff amid rhododendron forest. Mad Honey is known for its use medicinal benefits and psychedelic hallucinogens.  It is due to the presence of a chemical called Grayanotoxin which is present in pollen of rhododendron flowers



Our Story: The ancient tradition of hunting honey is on the verge of extinction. Youngsters are leaving villages in search of better opportunities.

We, a team of young Nepali entrepreneurs, have come up with the Best Mad Honey venture and are working closely with the honey hunters of Nepal to preserve this ancient tradition.

We aim to employ more youth in villages and create opportunities with micro enterprise, so that they can stay locally and make their living.

We also organize our own expedition, stay with hunters in the forest for weeks, facilitate in collecting honey and bring it to capital Kathmandu. There we do the work of packaging and global shipping.

So, whenever you think of where to buy Mad Honey in Kathmandu, Nepal, remember us. We ship the wild raw honey at the best price at your doorstep via DHL

Apart from this, you can also do an expedition to Mad Honey Nepal location and enjoy the thrilling experience of Honey Hunting. 


We work directly with Nepali Locals to harvest honey. We are the largest supplier of raw honey. We don’t add any artificial preservatives. Our Honey his 100% mad, 100% unfiltered and 100% Raw

Mad Honey Nepal Benefits

Mad Honey Nepal has various health benefits. It is effective for joint problems, sore muscles.

Mad Honey Improves cholesterol level, helps to prevent cancer and heart diseases.

Nutritional values: Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, Vitamin C , calcium, amino acid etc.

  • Antioxidants which prevents your body from cell damage.

  • Antibacterial and antifungal properties

  • Boosts Libido and Heals wounds.

  • Helps in digestive issues.

  • Soothes a sore throat.

Does Raw Honey gets you high?

Yes. If you exceed the normal dose, Mad honey gets you high. Your body gets relaxing sensations after consumption. In excess, it can cause nausea, vomiting, and even unconsciousness. Here is why raw honey of Nepal gets you high.

Is Mad Honey Legal in Australia, USA?

Yes! Consumption of Mad Honey Nepal in Legal in the USA and Australia. There is no restriction in having it. 

Can Mad Honey Kill You?

There is not even a single death till now due to the consumption of Mad honey.

Himalayan Cliff honey contains a neurotoxin called Grayanotoxin.

It can cause hallucinations, nausea, vomiting, and even unconsciousness

How long does Mad Honey Nepal high lasts?

In normal cases, the trip of this honey(Himalayan Honey) lasts for 24 hours. You will be high for 24 hours after the consumption of raw honey.

How Strong is Mad Honey?

Mad honey is strong honey. Strongness in honey is determined by the grayanotoxin amount. The harvest of honey during the spring season is high in grayanotoxin and the harvest after the post-monsoon is low in grayanotoxin. 

Where is Mad Honey Nepal Location?

Besisahar of Lamjung is very famous for honey hunting in Nepal. You can find Mad Honey in Lamjung. Everything you need to know about Mad Honey Nepal

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