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Rare Harvest Mad Honey

The rarest form of Mad honey available in the world is harvested directly from the Himalayan cliffs 3500 m above sea level. This most premium and exotic version of Mad honey in the world is extremely rich in Grayanotoxin with ample additional medicinal properties.

We carve your name on the wooden box and exclusively send you this rare harvest. This limited honey is rare and only upto 200 jars per year are available for sale. 

Strong and Potent Mad Honey

This strong and potent mad honey is harvested in the spring season and widely consumed for recreational purposes. This honey has hallucination properties that come from Rhododendron flowers containing high amounts of Grayanotoxin. This harvest is rare and is found in limited quantities only. 

Medicinal Mad Honey

This version of Mad honey is found in various mountains of Nepal ranging from 1300 – 2500 m above seal level. This honey contains mild grayanotoxin and is preferred for regular consumption. This honey is also used for various medicinal  purposes. 

Who Are We?

We strive to provide you with the highest quality of authentic mad honey with no added preservatives.

Besides this, the ancient tradition of honey hunting is on the verge of extinction. Youngsters are leaving villages in search of better opportunities.

We as a team of young Nepali entrepreneurs have come up with the Best Mad Honey venture and are working closely with the honey hunters of Nepal to preserve this ancient tradition.

We aim to employ more youth in villages and create opportunities with micro enterprise, so that they can stay locally and make their living.

Apart from this, we also organize our own expeditions where we stay with hunters in the forest for weeks and assist in collecting honey.

We then bring the honey back to the capital city Kathmandu where we do the packaging and global shipping.

So, whenever you think of buying Mad Honey from Nepal, do remember us. We ship the raw mad honey at the best price at your doorstep via DHL and Aramex.

Mad Honey Benefits

About Best mad honey Shop

This shop is the best place for you if you are looking to buy mad honey online. We exclusively harvest Nepal Mad Honey from the Himalayan regions of Nepal from a unique breed of bee that can fly up to 4200 meters (13780 Ft). The collection of nectar from white rhododendron Ericaceae family from Aconitum app and Entada scanders which grows only at altitudes of around 2000 meters and more. This honey has an intoxicating and relaxing quality.

This hallucinogenic honey is on sale for the last four years exclusively from the Best Mad Honey team serving more than fifty countries. 

We are certified by the Government of Nepal Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development. Department of Food Technology and Quality Control.

Location of our physical store

We are located in the heart of Kathmandu. If you come to Nepal, you can visit our store and buy the best mad honey.

Effect of Mad Honey

Effect of Mad Honey starts to show within 25 to 40 minutes after consumption. It makes a dizzy, euphoric sensation with some colours and patterns to the eyes, the body is prone to sensation and consciousness. It helps in concentration, increases your sexual performance and helps in sleep. 

Upon Overdose: It might make you dizzy, nauseated, vomiting and lost in consciousness. It can also lower your blood pressure.

Doses and Uses

The experience of mad honey is very personal. It depends upon how clean your body is to intoxicants. Normally, we would recommend you to use one tablespoon to start off. We do not recommend exceeding more than two tablespoons. 

The effects are best seen on an empty stomach. 

CAUTION: Please do not use this honey with alcohol. 

What are the three different types of honey?

Rare Harvest: Psychoactive (Grayanotoxin rich honey) harvested above 35000 meters (11483 ft) from sea level. This harvest is the rarest version of mad honey. We sell upto 200 jars of this version of this honey every year.

Strong and Potent Version: This honey is rich in Grayanotoxin and gives you recreational effects. 

Medicinal Mad Honey: This version is only used for medicinal purposes to address various issues like enhancing sexual dysfunction, better sleep etc.

Rare Harvest Mad Honey vs Strong and Potent Mad Honey : Both honey contains Grayanotoxin (the psychoactive hallucinating effects) but Rare harvest is harvested above the altitude above 3500 meters. Almost two times higher than the tallest mountain in Australia. The rare harvest is extremely rare honey in the world.

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