Where to Buy Mad Honey in Kathmandu, Nepal

Before directly jumping to where you can get or buy Himalayan Cliff Mad Honey, I will like to make you clear about what actually is Mad Honey and what are it’s benefits.

So let’s begin.


We deliver best Mad Honey to you! So, don’t buzzed where to find Mad Honey in Nepal.

What is Mad Honey Nepal?

Mad Honey is a special type of Honey made by Wild Honeybees by sucking the nectar or juice of rhododendron flower. The pollen of rhododendron flower has Grayanotoxin. Grayanotoxin has hallucinogenic properties. Mad honey got its name “mad” as this honey has got a kick in it.

More than making you high, Mad Honey has many health benefits.

Benefits of Mad Honey

  • Helps in digestive issues.
  • Soothes a sore throat.
  • Effective for joint problems and sore muscles
  • Improves cholesterol level
  • Helps to prevent cancer and heart diseases.

Enough yeah! Let’s dive into Where to get Himalayan Hallucinogenic Red Honey in Nepal.

Basically, the practice of Himalayan Red Honey Hunting is old. It is practiced in the Lamjung District of Nepal. You can find the unpacked raw honey in Lamjung, Nepal.

But, is it favorable to reach there to buy mad honey? Actually its hard. So, we have started Best Mad Honey to provide online delivery of Hallucinogenic Mad Honey of Nepal. So, you can directly place order with us and we will get you the purest and raw form of Himalayan Red Honey.

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