Mad Honey Expedition

Nepal is a country rich in biodiversity and is home for hundreds of peaks and mountains. Many people synonymously relate Nepal with Mount Everest. But this little country houses more than what the world knows. Up in the Himalayas resides a unique breed of honeybees – Apis Dorsata Laboriosa.

Every year in the month of Baisakh to Ashad (Late April to Early July), and Ashoj Kartik (September to October), we go for the expedition of mad honey hunting with our honey hunters. It’s not just a journey to honey hunting but a lifetime experience which one wouldn’t want to miss. Having said that, guess what? Now, you can also be a part of this rare and unique tradition as a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Tentative Itinerary

Here is the tentative itinerary for the amazing Mad Honey Expedition. We are comfortable to change the itinerary as per your comfort.

  • Day 1 Kathmandu to Lamjung city

  • Day 2 Lamjung to Honey hunting spot

  • Day 3 Village Stay and trek to honey hunting stop

  • Day 4 Return to Lamjung city

  • Day 5 Lamjung to Kathmandu

Best time for Expedition

The best time of the year for expedition of mad honey hunting is during Late April to Early July and September to October. The bees build honey these time. Moreover, the weather is cool to walk ( neither too hot nor too cool ).

Cost Includes

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