When is the Mad Honey Harvested in Nepal?


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In Nepal, mad honey is primarily harvested from the Himalayan cliffs by the Gurung and Magar ethnic groups. The harvesting season typically coincides with the blooming period of the rhododendron flowers, which occurs from April to May in the region.

During this time, experienced honey hunters venture into the steep and remote areas of the Himalayan foothills where the rhododendron forests thrive. Armed with traditional ropes, baskets, and protective gear, these mad honey hunters go on an expedition to collect Mad Honey

Once the brave honey hunters climb up high in the mountains, they find homes of bees hidden in the rocky cracks. To keep the bees from getting upset and stinging them, the hunters make some smoke. They take out the honeycombs where the bees store their honey, making sure not to bother the bees too much. Then, they put the honeycombs in baskets and bring them down to the ground using ropes. Their friends help collect the honeycombs safely.

The honey extraction process itself might not change much between seasons. Spring Offers the most potent mad honey due to the peak bloom of rhododendrons, which contain high levels of Grayanotoxin. This is the prime season for high-altitude honey hunting. The rhododendrons, the flowers that give mad honey its unique properties, are in full bloom at this time, leading to honey with the highest Grayanotoxin levels, the hallucinogenic compound.

Mad Honey is also harvested in Autumn. The honey might have slightly different properties depending on the blooming flowers the bees collect from.

Harvest Mad Honey without harming bees.


At Mad Honey our honey hunters have to be very gentle and careful when they take out the honeycombs because they don’t want to hurt the bees or damage the honeycombs. They put the honeycombs into baskets and used ropes to lower them down to the ground. It’s hard work, but the honey hunters are strong and skilled, and they work together as a team to get the job done.

Preserving the Mad Honey.

At Bestmadhoney, we take great pride in preserving our honey without the use of any chemicals. We believe in maintaining the natural integrity of our mad honey by employing various natural methods throughout the process.

Firstly, we ensure that proper temperature and humidity conditions are maintained at all times, both during the harvesting process and at our fulfillment center in Kathmandu. This helps to preserve the freshness and unique properties of the mad honey.

Secondly, we use sterile equipment during the processing of the honey to prevent any contamination. This ensures that our honey remains pure and free from any unwanted substances.

Once the honey has been processed, it is carefully stored in airtight containers to further prevent contamination and preserve its quality. Our fulfillment center in Kathmandu plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal conditions for the honey, ensuring that it remains fresh and retains its natural goodness during storage and shipping.

By handling the honey with care and maintaining strict quality control measures, we guarantee that our honey reaches our customers in the best possible condition. Whether it’s being shipped to different parts of the world for culinary purposes, medicinal use, or simply to enjoy its distinct flavor, we are committed to making our mad honey accessible to a global audience.

At Bestmadhoney, we believe that our natural preservation methods not only preserve the integrity of our honey but also enhance the overall customer experience. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality mad honey while upholding our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.


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