Natural Bee Keeping

Honey has many health benefits. Addressing this Bee Keeping has been a popular horticulture since thousands of years. Although bees face an uncertain future, businessman offer bees an environment that at least gives them a shot at survival and maybe even a chance to thrive. People are following crop spraying, hive movement, frequent hive inspections, artificial insemination of queens, routine medication, and sugar water feeding for production of honey. This is totally unnatural.

There’s no precluding that most from claiming us anticipate nectar from our hives. In any case, here’s another solid characteristic beekeeping point of view – the keeping of bumble bees is a prize unto itself and the “creation line” of nectar is a non-importance. Nectar isn’t the main objective.

Current Bee Keeping practices use chemical treatments to fight diseases and parasites. This pressures the diseases and parasites to become stronger. The consequence is that we are breeding super-pests and diseases, and weak bees that rely on chemical treatments rather than developing their own methods for survival. 

Natural Bee Keeping

Regular beekeeping is a way to deal with beekeeping empowering negligible control and as distant a methodology as could reasonably be expected

That is as a matter of fact a somewhat wide definition. Be that as it may, as you become familiar with normal beekeeping you will perceive a topic to “step back and take off alone”, at every possible opportunity, discovering approaches to help honey bees carrying on with their carries on with liberated from obstruction.

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