Why does Nepalese honey make you high?


If the mad honey were to ever given a synonym then it would be “uniqueness”. As mad honey possesses unique virtue of earthly smell, rich texture and taste, medicinal benefit and recreational effect. Being the only honey with two in one benefit, it stands out to be most unique and rarest honey in the world available in only few parts of the world which are Black sea region of Turkey, Nepal, China, Myanmar, New Guinea, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines and North America out of which Turkish and Nepali mad honey are most popular one. As being mentioned about its uniqueness, so what makes it unique? Mad honey is derived from the largest bee in the world i.e., Apis Dorsata Laborisa which forages in the special species of Rhododendron which consists of pleasing compound called “GRAYANOTOXIN”. This compound then is found in the mad honey which gives psychedelic or psychoactive effect. It is said that Nepalese mad honey has strongest psychedelic effect than any other mad honey.

In most parts of the world like Turkey mad honey is cultivated but in Nepal, it is directly harvest from the hive made the wild bees in the Himalayans. It is derived by the brave honey hunters who belong to Gurung tribe who gamble their life in order to get mad honey. They climb above 300 m in braided rope ladder and get the mad honey surpassing the angry bees. In Nepal, honey hunting is not just a mere profession, it’s a tradition, culture and values passed on by the ancestors of the tribe. At other places, the honey is cultivated and sold but in Nepal, a full-fledged ritual is performed. An auspicious day is selected by the pujari and the journey is commenced on that particular day. The pujari recites prayers and offers flowers and fruits along with sacrifices of sheep, goat and chicken in order to avoid any hassle in the journey. The villagers cooperatively work and believe in mutual benefit.

What makes mad honey popular around the globe ?

The mad honey is different from any other average honey. So, here are the few benefits that mad honey has to offer:

Benefits of mad honey:

  1. Gives psychedelic effect
  2. Helps to prevent cancer and heart disease.
  3. Remedy for hypertension.
  4. Useful for an active lifestyle
  5. Increases athletic performance.
  6. Strengthen the immune system.
  7. Reduces ulcers and other gastrointestinal diseases.
  8. Rich in anti-oxidants.
  9. Increases sexual performance.
Why does Nepalese honey make you high?

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