Medicinal Mad Honey 700 Grams (24.6 oz)

$ 259.00

Medicinal Mad Honey, the most common mad honey, is harvested in various mountains ranging from 1300 to 2500 meters above sea level. 

It contains mild Grayanotoxin and is used for multiple purposes, including medical, aesthetic, and regular consumption.

The sweet and tingling taste helps to lessen anxiety, better sleep, is used as an anticancer, stress, stomach ailments, and relaxes the body.

However, it is recommended not to be used as an alternative for the prescribed medicines (without medical professionals’ approval).

All kinds of mad honey are traditionally harvested with hunters squeezing the comb making the honey rich in pollen and bringing out the strong flavor with a good aroma.

Product description: 

Aroma: Mad honey has a sweet and strong aroma of rhododendron. The smell is also like a blend of flowers mixed in a bottle. Some people also claim that mad honey has got a flowery and beer type of smell.

Consistency: Mad honey less viscous as compared to other honey. It contains around 24% moisture content while normal honey has around 18% moisture.

Taste: Taste of the mad honey is what makes it unique and preferable to customers over normal honey. This strong honey besides being sweet is also tangy. You can feel a slight tingling sensation on the back of your throat. It might create a slight burning sensation to your tongue.

Hand Squeezed honey: As mad honey is traditionally harvested, hunters squeeze the comb thus the honey is rich in pollen which gives strong flavour.

Light fermentation: Because of high moisture content in mad honey, there is light fermentation of the honey. We recommend storing in cool and dry places and stir well before consuming.

Ingredient: Mad honey

Harvest Regions: Central and Western Nepal: Lamjung, Rukum, Jajarkot

Source: Nectar from white Rhododendron Ericaceae family from Aconitum app and Entada scanders

Post-processing: No processing and pasteurization. This mad honey is only filtered to remove external particles and packed at its most natural form; raw and unpasteurized.

Season: Spring season harvested Mad Honey

Certification: Our Mad honey is certified by the Government of Nepal Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development. Department of Food Technology and Quality Control, Kathmandu Nepal

100% Organic: This honey is 100% organic as bees are wild and live far in the mountains miles away from human settlements.


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