Strong and Potent Mad Honey 200 Grams (7 oz)

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Strong and Potent Mad Honey is harvested between 2000 to 3000 meters above sea level in Nepal’s Central and Western parts: Lamjung, Rukum, and Jajarkot districts.

This form of mad honey is rich in Grayanotoxin and gives a fair amount of psychoactive hallucinating effects. However, it is can also be consumed for recreational effects and relaxation of the body.

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4 reviews for Strong and Potent Mad Honey 200 Grams (7 oz)

  1. Gary Philpot
    My Jar lid was opened when I received the package. I contacted them and Sanjay sent me the new package, received it after 4 days. I am happy. Thank you so much. 
  2. Thas Richardson
    I was quite hesitant to order it. I knew about it through a Vice documentary. I must say it was a good decision ordering it. Highly Recommended. 
  3. Viola Fischer
    It was nicely packed and delivered on time. I was very excited to taste it. It has a unique taste, rich in flavor. Would definitely try it again
  4. Nick Balazs
    Shipped on time without any hassle. Nice honey.
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Aroma: Mad honey exudes a sweet yet potent aroma of rhododendron, reminiscent of a harmonious bouquet of flowers. Some also note an essence akin to a blend of blossoms within a single bottle. A flowery and beer-like scent has also been attributed to mad honey by certain individuals.

Consistency: In contrast to other honeys, mad honey boasts a less viscous consistency. With a moisture content of approximately 24%, it stands apart from conventional honey, which typically contains around 18% moisture.

Taste: The unparalleled taste of mad honey is what distinguishes it and makes it a favored choice over regular honey. Alongside its sweetness, this robust honey carries a tanginess. Upon consumption, a subtle tingling sensation may grace the back of your throat. It might even evoke a slight, pleasant burn on your tongue.

Hand-Squeezed Honey: The traditional harvesting of mad honey involves comb squeezing, resulting in a pollen-rich honey that delivers a potent flavor.

Light Fermentation: Due to its higher moisture content, mad honey experiences light fermentation. Proper storage in cool, dry spaces is recommended, along with thorough stirring before consumption.

Ingredients: 100% Mad honey.

Harvest Regions: Eastern, Central, Western, Mid- Western and Far-Western Region of Nepal, including Lamjung, Rukum, Jajarkot, Solukhumbu, Parbat, Baglung among 15 districts of Nepal

Source: Derived from nectar gathered from white Rhododendron of the Ericaceae family, specifically from Aconitum app and Entada scandens.

Post-processing: This mad honey undergoes minimal processing; it remains unpasteurized and unaltered, with only the removal of external particles through filtration. It is packed in its raw, most natural form.

Season: Harvested during the spring season.

Certification: Our Mad honey is certified by the Government of Nepal Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, Department of Food Technology and Quality Control, Kathmandu Nepal.

100% Organic: The bees responsible for this honey are wild, residing far up in the remote mountains, miles away from human settlements. Thus, this honey is 100% organic.